They Should Rename BusinessWeek To GovernmentWeek

So I am reading along the latest issue of BusinessWeek and I can’t help but notice that at the heart of of every second article sits the government in some form, be it through action or inaction, past, present or rumoured to be in the works.

“The Side Effects Of Finance Reform” details the side-effects of a yet-to-be-made clear drive by “lawmakers and regulators” to reform the world of finance. How? When? Nobody really knows, but apparently rumours abound, with each plan having more profound implications than the other.

A three page article deals with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce fight against a feared carbon bill, with a lobbyist-by-lobbyist map of the subject matter.

“Washington Revives the Mortgage Cramdown” zooms in on individual’s congressman’s inclination to punt the mortgage mess to the courts – or not. An article on health care warns of what might be if Congress doesn’t act. High youth unemployment? Let’s examine what the governments in the world have done about that.

After I put down the magazine my ears were ringing with words like “legislation”, “lawmakers”, “commission”, “lobbyist” and “lawmaker”.

Are we now living in an age where half the newsworthy business events originate out of Washington?


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