Told you so: RIM, Apple, Google Tied In Smartphone Race

Back in mid-2008 the smartphone race was rapidly heating up. The App Store had just come out and experts were trying to predict who is going to be the winner in the space. While journalists, bloggers and pundits were pondering whether the iPhone will be the one to win it all,  I stuck my head out and called a “no winner” scenario.

Recent research from the Nielsen Group suggests that we currently have exactly that, with all 3 major smartphone platforms – RIM, Apple and Google, tied for 27% market share or a little less than 1/3 of the total market.  Here is the link to the original post.

It should be noted that the data in the article is from the US and excludes the remaining 6+ billion people in the world, many of which don’t have the same buying patterns or consumer preferences as their American counterparts.

Still, it is one tied race with no clear dominant winner. And it will likely stay that way for a while, especially with Microsoft joining in the race (never underestimate what the giant from Redmond can bring to the table) and Nokia taking the plunge.


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